Hiring A Writer

Television and video projects work a little differently, but copywriting generally goes something like this:

For starters, LET'S TALK. I offer a 45-minute complimentary exploration call to determine whether we're a fit.
 Tell me who you are, what you need or maybe need, what's working, what's not, and your timeline. 

Sometimes I'm hired to write to a pre-determined tone, because you have an agency and/or an existing voice. Other times I'm hired to identify the right tone, because you're nowhere near hiring an agency and have pasted a PowerPoint onto your website and are realizing that's a no-no. Sometimes I'm simply proofreading. Sometimes editing. Something conceptualizing and writing from scratch. None of these are dealbreakers. My clients vary greatly. 

Within 2-3 days I'll turn around a proposal, project quote and timeline. 

Like what you see?  LET'S SIGN. I'll ask you to agree to a standard contract. Once we've both John Hancock'd that bad boy - 

LET'S START WORKING! When working directly with clients, I often ask them to complete a brand audit.  If I'm working alongside you and your agency, we should all connect ASAP.  Depending on the nature and size of the project, we can review, comment on, and revise copy in Word Docs, in shared Google Docs, or on a web-based project management system to which I'll provide access and log-in. In short, we'll create a customized workflow that makes sense for your project's unique scope and needs. Sound fun? Most days it is.