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Hiring a Writer

Television and video projects work a little differently, but copywriting generally goes something like this:

For starters, LET'S TALK. I offer a 30-minute complimentary exploration call to determine whether we're a fit. Tell me who you are, what you need or maybe need, what's working, what's not, and your timeline. 

Sometimes I'm hired to write to a pre-determined tone, because you have an agency and/or an existing voice. Other times I'm hired to identify the right tone, because you're nowhere near hiring an agency and have pasted a PowerPoint onto your website and are realizing that's a no-no. Sometimes I'm simply proofreading. Sometimes editing. Sometimes conceptualizing and writing from scratch. None of these are dealbreakers. My clients vary greatly. 

Within 2-3 days I'll turn around a proposal, project quote and timeline. 

Like what you see?  LET'S SIGN. I'll ask you to agree to a standard contract. Once we've both John Hancock'd that bad boy...  

LET'S START WORKING! When working directly with clients, I often ask them to complete a brand audit.  If I'm working alongside you and your agency, we should all connect ASAP.  Sound fun? Most days it is. 

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