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What Clients Say

"Clients take copy more personally than any other marketing element and Danielle has the unique ability to craft words they hear themselves in. Use cases vary (blogs, website copy, video scripts, various digital and print collateral) but their satisfaction has been constant." - Curtis Johnson, Principal, Creative Like Us

"For 19 years, I have used a variety of copywriters, but no one had the spark that I was seeking, no one knew how to make our brand and style pop, that is until I met Danielle. Danielle took the time to get to know who we are and what our brand/style is. It is not an easy task to make HR outsourcing sound both compelling as well as modern with a touch of fun and coolness. Danielle also possesses a unique talent in being able to write copy for blogs, stories, eblasts as well as websites and more. After all of these years, I could not be more thrilled to have Danielle as a key member of our marketing team."– Tina Hamilton, CEO, myHR Partner and OurVirtualHR

"Creativity and attention to detail are the biggest attributes that stand out to me after producing three TV specials with Danielle. She has a knack for crafting her words efficiently for maximum clarity. I was very pleased with the finished results of our collaboration. Danielle was instrumental in the success of those specials."- Mark Eichmann, Reporter, PBS/NPR member station WHYY

"Danielle served as the editor of my second book, Abandoned America: Dismantling the Dream, in 2016. I could not recommend her more highly. Aside from being an intelligent, kind, and insightful person, her feedback was extremely helpful in finding areas that needed clarification or rewording. She offered useful suggestions for these areas but was never pushy about it; her attitude was that ultimately it was my book and she was there to help me refine it, not override what I wanted it to be - which I really appreciated, as I've had editors that were much less client-centered. Danielle is professional, easy to work with, great with communicating about the project, and worked quickly. I appreciated that she gave me a clear idea of what to expect and when to expect it, and then delivered it.  I have a lot of respect for her both as an individual and as an editor, and wish that more people shared her strong work ethic and skill."- Matthew Christopher, Author, Abandoned America

"I would never be able to do what Danielle does at her level, which is why I hire her. Not only is she inquisitive and asks lots of questions to get to know my product and my brand, but she has the clever language to articulate it. I've tried other copywriters before, and it didn't have the same results as Danielle's copy. I most recently hired her to write essential brand copy in a small amount of time, and she continues to show up professionally, adhere to deadlines, and "get" the product and what I want to convey to the consumer. I was trying to do it on my own for awhile but came to a point where I knew I needed a professional to articulate my message and story better than I could. Thanks D!"- Kevin Kreider, fitness and transformation expert and breakout star of Netflix' Bling Empire 

"When I'm stuck on words for web copy, an ad, or a video, Danielle is my go-to. I've worked with other writers, and they all delivered good wording. Danielle offers so much more. What makes her different is the intuition she brings to the table, as well as her background in TV and her innate sense of what resonates with customers and prospective customers. More often than not, her suggestions bring my project from good to great. I've never worked with a writer as helpful and well-rounded as Danielle." 
- Jeannie Stith-Mawhinney, Founder & CEO, Color Guru


"From the moment I met Danielle, I knew she was the right partner for us. Danielle asked me questions that indicated that she 'got it.' She doesn't just write; she understands our business, our customers and their perspective. She knows the marketing value of tailoring the message accordingly and acts like an extension of our team. In addition, her turnaround time has been impressive and much appreciated." - Sarah Ohanesian, CMO, Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs

"My partner and I hired Danielle as writer, producer, and consultant for a sizzle video for a reality design show. We needed, for starters, a hook. Danielle worked diligently to find not one but three angles.  Her writing skills really shone as she tackled the arduous work of creating our print pitch materials. Then, over a two day shoot, Daniele kept us in line as our own show runner and writer. Our show was recently green-lit by a major cable network. Danielle’s work ethic, creativity, and passion for the job were unforgettable and really helped take our talent and concept to the next level."- Ron Cohen, Owner, Out of the Blue Productions

"Writing about yourself is hard. Danielle helped me figure out what I was trying to say, then said it for me. I’d been putting off my website copy for ages and wish I’d called her sooner."-Dominic Sharlette, Consumer Product Design/Strategy

"For almost a decade, Danielle has been my go-to writer, proofreader, and consultant for all things messaging and word-related. She's helped me expand my brand from TV host to trade education advocate and speaker, and helped me get some press along the way, too." - Kayleen McCabe, Speaker and Host, DIY Network's Rescue Renovation

"Danielle continues to impress me with her exceptional wide-range skill set, deep knowledge in the editorial, marketing and tv/film industries and her keen sense to hone in on project objectives and goals. She has an incredible ability to write attention-grabbing offer copy that’s smart and witty, effectively develop engaging story scripts that are the backbone to successful promotional video reels.  As a bonus she’s doubled as an experienced VO artist who is beyond professional. Danielle is a true gem and one that I hope many will have the great privilege to work with!"- Stephanie Smith, Producer, Rodale

"Danielle is exclusively my 'go to gal' for copywriting for my voice-over business! She is so easy to work with and possesses an amazing talent of being able to build a business's brand through words. She is smart, professional, incredibly hardworking, and always has her finger on the pulse of today's trends. We have worked together on numerous projects and I always know the finished product will be outstanding. If you are looking for one of the best writers in the business, look no further than Danielle Burrows!"- Eve Elliott, Voice-over Artist, Let Eve Tempt You

"Good copywriters aren't easy to find, and Danielle is the perfect partner: she's incredibly good at what she does, she's professional, and she's as friendly as they come. For us, Danielle was able to take a fairly complex topic and write copy as if she had been in the industry for years - not an easy task. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone."- Jon Cofsky, Principal, [whitepenny] 

"Danielle was an asset from the very start as a copy writer for our company's rebrand. She takes the time to listen, learn about your business and craft a message that is spot on with your corporate identity. Most importantly, she made the process fun. I look forward to our interactions as they always produce a  fun, effective, and creative marketing strategy. She is more than a writer. She is the person we entrust most to communicate our core message to the B2B communities in which we serve.  She is truly a trusted partner."- Andy Ruhland, Principal, NationalHR

"Danielle is insightful.  It would be a privilege to work with her again. Danielle worked with us at MiND for only a few months, but in that short span, she was able to assess the situation project, create goals for herself and others (junior and superior) and at the close of her short contract, the project was clearly moved along. While Danielle can produce with one hand tied, she is a writer. Production is a skill mastered. It is writing that fuels her creative nature.  And she has a uniquely creative perspective. Danielle was a great asset to our team."- Jessica Kegelman Silver, Director of Operations, Independence Media

"Danielle is an absolute dream to work with. She's talented, hard working, and always pleasant. Her command of story and character is flawless. I look forward to many more collaborations in the future!" - William Shaw, Shaw Films, Inc.

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