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Here’s a fact that would keep us awake - IF we weren’t snoozing soundly on our [BRAND] mattresses:


The average person buys a new mattress once every 7 to 11 years.

True for you?  Buckle up: You’ve slept on the same surface since George W. was president, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were a thing, and before anyone had ever even heard of an iPhone

Put another way, those 30,000 hours on your mattress could’ve been spent earning seventeen bachelor’s degrees.

You get it: A long time.

Silly stats aside, there’s a real reason to worry.  You see, once they hit the 7-year mark, mattresses soften and start to take a serious toll on your body. 

The silver lining?  Those aches and pains aren’t just age.  They’re mostly your body yelling, “Get a new mattress!”  Which, while we’re at it, you should do every five years once you hit forty, at which point bodies become extra susceptible to pressure.

A stellar life depends on stellar zzzzz’s – which is why we created [PRODUCT].  Free of cheap shortcuts and materials that chip away at wellness, it’s literally the best thing you can lay on, giving you piece of mind as well as a great night’s sleep. 

Maybe you just bought a new mattress.  Or maybe you just realized that the Steelers have played three Super Bowls since the last time you replaced yours.  Whenever the time comes to make your nights and days a whole lot better, we hope you’ll consider the guaranteed choice for a good night’s sleep – [BRAND].


Hi [NAME],


If you’ve ever discussed firmness while lying down with a stranger, you know: Mattress shopping is awkward. 

Inconvenient, too.  Visions of a Saturday in bed rarely include showrooms, fluorescent lights, and pressure to buy.


But showrooms are a necessary evil, you think.  How else can I know that I’ll like a mattress before I buy it?


[BRAND] knows how: Through superior materials, savings, simplicity, and our 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.


[BRAND] founder [NAME] has worked in the material science industry for more than 20 years.  His expertise is the backbone of the groundbreaking [BRAND] mattress, built using the absolute best materials available – from premium moisture-wicking fibers and temperature-control foam to maximum absorption middle layers and progressive base support.

So they’re more expensive, right?

No! By operating exclusively online, [BRAND] saves on overhead – savings we pass along to you.  We take care of shipping costs and cover any necessary return shipping, too! 

Speaking of shipping: [BRAND] comfort delivers directly to your door, days after you order.  Form there, you have 100 blissful nights to decide whether [BRAND] is the mattress you’ve been dreaming about.  In the unlikely chance it isn’t, you get your money back – and your mattress is donated to the Salvation Army. 


No risk.  No time wasted.  Just your soon-to-be-favorite mattress, purchased the [BRAND wordplay] way

How’s that for dreamy?

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